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Renewing hearts and communities through life-affirming creativity.

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Flourish Arts utilizes life-affirming creativity as a conduit for healing, bridge building and community transformation. As a relatively untapped resource for proactive change, the arts, in all their raw vulnerability and beauty, profoundly unite the aesthetic with the intellect, emotions and spiritual beliefs of all humankind.

Maintaining a three-fold focus: the Fine Arts, Dance and a Community Arts Program, Flourish Arts strives to inform, inspire and engage community through relevant creative expression.

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The Arts

Breathing Life into a Desperate World

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Community Arts Program

Promoting joyful, experiential learning, the Community Arts Program offers instruction in the fine and dance arts to students of all ages and abilities. The program exemplifies the ideals of integrity, kindness and inclusion by creating an atmosphere of lavish welcome, creative discovery and safe harbor for all students. Defined by artistic excellence with integrity of purpose, the CAP classes emphasize the unity of craft with freedom of expression. To request a class schedule, please email

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Fine Art

The fine arts provide us with culturally relevant language for mediating the broken relational and cultural divides. In exploring the life-affirming intersection of the arts and community transformation, Flourish Arts arts seeks to raise cultural awareness concerning key social justice issues through community focused gallery events, dance concerts, symposiums, conferences and encounter groups.

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Challenging the status quo in the dance arts through cutting-edge movement with a life affirming message, the focus of Flourish Dance is personal and artistic integrity coupled with a commitment to service and community. Flourish Dance is a company of dance artists dedicated to conveying the redemptive joy and creative energy of dance in theatrical productions, seasonal venues, art galleries, church events, schools and city centers. Interested? Contact us about auditions!


The American Christian church has existed for thousands of years as a beacon of truth and refuge. And given that any organization comprised of human beings will be – well, human, – with its fair share of inconsistencies, challenges and misunderstandings, the western cultural Christian church has none the less provided safe spiritual, and often physical harbor for millions and will hopefully continue to do so. And without getting too entangled in theological controversies, as well as what constitutes the difference between being a ‘Christian” and a committed follower of Christ, suffice it to say that when this writing refers to…


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